New Year’s Rulins, Revisited

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2015 New Year’s Rulins:
My Year in Review

I didn’t have the greatest year; much of it was uncomfortable and some of it downright painful. But there were bright spots. We bought the house next door and doubled our backyard. We adopted Louis, a pit bull type dog, from a rescue. He turned out to be a lot of fun; he loves his people (us!) more than any dog I’ve ever known. I began my yoga teacher training, truly the start of a journey of a thousand steps.

Anyway, it’s time to take a look at my 2015 New Year’s Rulins, Woody Guthrie’s term for New Year’s Resolutions. Nobody seems to make them anymore, and I even read an article on Facebook specifically saying they are bad and harmful and you shouldn’t do it. But whatever. I like doing it. I think the key is not getting attached to the outcome. They are signposts, not commandments.

In 2014, I looked back at them halfway through the year to see how I was doing, but I seem to have neglected that this year. So, today’s the day. And then, make new ones!


New Year’s Rulins, 2015
(Mere guidelines.)

1. Actively rejoin my Misfit creative group.  I miss the people there terribly.

Yes, then no. Then yes, then no. This is a familiar pattern with all of my creative endeavors. All I really can do is bring my awareness to it. You CAN change your patterns, but it’s pretty damned hard.

2. Clean up my eating habits and maintain physical health better in general.

Not to sound negative about it, but my eating habits were fine this year, my health just sucked. I did what I could. Lots of mindful rest, walking in nature when I could, sitting in the sun,  meditation, yoga– all things I tried to maintain. Plus a good attitude, although I kind of lost that for awhile right before my surgery.

3. Develop a basic routine, however loose it needs to be, and follow it instead of bouncing around like a pinball.  Will be easier when I’m able to give Indi her regular walks again.

Well, no. I can establish a routine for a week, tops, and then I do something else. It may well be that this is something I need to just accept about my nature. Except, I did re-establish a daily yoga practice, both after my herniated disk healed enough, and then after my hysterectomy. And I have a limited morning routine: make coffee, let dogs out, feed them, sit still and mindfully drink a cup of coffee, take Bob coffee if he’s home, spend time with the dogs, working or playing or just petting. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what what I’ll choose to do. For awhile, I did Yin yoga right after all that stuff, and it seemed to be a good thing.

4. Continue Yoga and Buddhist practice/study.

Yes, actually. I could certainly do more, but what I have done has been pretty beneficial.

5. Follow my own creative path. Process over product.  Meditative art.  Release attachment to outcome.  Enjoy it.

Yes, I made a lot of progress here. Hopefully, it will create a good foundation for creating more lasting work. The two endeavors I did most was the meditative Zentangle drawing/painting (I have stacks of them) and writing sections of my meandering Gothic dream serial, House of Rose. Writing badly is really hard, but it has a lot to teach.

6. Work on balancing screen-related activities.  Better yet, less screen (Candy Crush, I’m looking at you, Baby), more  other stuff.

A little. I’m starting to think I have a real problem with Facebook, though.
7. I hesitate to put “write” on here.  But I hope it’s in cards at some point in 2015.

A couple poems, House of Rose, a few personal essay type things for writing exercises, long-winded Facebook comments about dogs. So, some. Not nearly enough, but some.

There you have it. 2015 in review. Thanks for reading.


2 comments on “New Year’s Rulins, Revisited

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    You’re so insightful, Sam. And incredibly inspiring. In my opinion, although you’re being quite fair, you deserve more credit. I’m grateful for your blog, your art, the daily cup and long winded Facebook posts! All I’ve got, is do more art, but ya gotta start somewhere I suppose. Xoxo

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