New Year’s Rulin’s


New Year’s Rulin’s
(Mere guidelines.)

1. Actively rejoin my Misfit creative group.  I miss the people there terribly.
2. Clean up my eating habits and maintain physical health better in general.
3. Develop a basic routine, however loose it needs to be, and follow it instead of bouncing around like a pinball.  Will be easier when I’m able to give Indi her regular walks again.
4. Continue Yoga and Buddhist practice/study.
5. Follow my own creative path. Process over product.  Meditative art.  Release attachment to outcome.  Enjoy it.
6. Work on balancing screen-related activities.  Better yet, less screen (Candy Crush, I’m looking at you, Baby), more  other stuff.
7. I hesitate to put “write” on here.  But I hope it’s in cards at some point in 2015.


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