20140704_130158Today I feel the urge to document some of what I’ve put down the memory hole, just a tiny snapshot of Sammee’s brain. It’s a relief to feel moved to write anything, because although I’ve thought about writing a lot lately, I haven’t actually sat down at the computer.

The night before last, I stepped out on the porch to call Zelda in (fireworks were starting up), and at the foot of the porch steps was a silk moth. If you’ve never seen one, they are huge and beautiful, and this one had its wings outstretched. Just gorgeous. I felt awed and privileged, and I spent some time crouched watching it, even though I uneasily felt that it was not well and that was the only reason I was even seeing it.

The next morning after my walk, I lifted it gently by the wings and put it under the dogwood. There had been ants surrounding it, and though it was moving its legs feebly, I felt it was probably done for. Zelda pounced on it, and I put her inside. She looked at me like I was insane. Maybe I am.

I tried not to feel sad, life and death are a continuous wheel, that’s the way life is set up on Earth. Death is not wicked, it just is. Still, it’s always sad when something beautiful dies.

But! When I checked later on, I found it had crawled up a plant and was checking me out as I snapped its picture. Its wings are a bit ragged, but it looked pretty lively. Next time I checked, it was gone. Into a predator’s mouth or into the sky, I have no idea.

Moths are powerful symbols for me– of ethereal beauty, passion, longing and the fleeting nature of life. The adults of many species, including this one, don’t live long enough to even eat; they have no mouths. If anyone in the world lives for the moment, it is a moth.

This photo was my daily entry, the seventh, in a photo journal project I’ve undertaken on Facebook (A.K.A. the memory hole). Every day, I post a picture and a poem to go with it. Here is the poem:

Of alien beauty,
Held breath,
Honoring life
And death
As best I can:
The wheel,
The dance,
The ephemeral
The constant.

A pro-union quote from Utah Philips, a Nietzsche quote, a Dalai Lama quote, a quote on happiness that I believe with every fiber of my being……I approach Facebook like a hunter-gatherer, I’ll share 10 posts an hour if I like them. Sometimes, I hesitate on some because they are snippets of great teachings, and if you read just a snippet, you’re not getting the whole teaching. But then, I think, what if that one little snippet is exactly what someone needs to read today? It could even inspire them to seek out the teaching. I know, I over-think this stuff.


I did finish my lily painting today and included it in my Daily Cup picture. I like this picture a lot; the sunlight is great. It’s a sweet little painting. I meant for it to be more abstract.

I’ll end with a lyric from Ani DiFranco, one of my favorite songs of hers and kind of the way I feel about life. It popped into my head this morning.

“When I look around, I think this, this is good enough, and I try to laugh at whatever life brings. Because when I look down, I just miss all the good stuff. And when I look up, I just trip over things. I got no illusions about this. When I say I’ll take it, I mean as is. As is.”

Hmm, maybe I should just write this blog and not post so much on the memory hole. But instant gratification is sweet. And life is fleeting.


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