Me, the Puddle Diver: Update


Me, the Puddle Diver

**This entry is dedicated to my mom, who sent me an article about why you should not stop blogging.**

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in this blog, in spite of declarations to the contrary. This one is really just an update on what I’ve been doing with myself.

Lately, I’ve been interested in guided meditation, body awareness exercises, dreams, imagination, Tarot cards, perfection and our doomed craving for it, poetry, chakras, tulips and trees. I have been kind of sort of writing my dreams down and looking up the meaning of any strange or vivid images from them. Apparently, my unconscious is grappling with emotion, big surprise, and what else is new for anyone?

I peruse and admire published nature journals, and I go to the park and sketch trees, but then when I come home, I find myself coloring them blue and orange and pink. I’m using pencil and the watercolor pencils I bought for the trip last summer. Getting to like them better. Hoping that soon I’ll start a series of tree paintings.

I had dream in which I was meditating on the concept of perfection, and I realized that I don’t even sketch because I have this expectation that they don’t ever ever look ugly or misshapen, and I get frustrated easily if I can’t draw or paint exactly what I want immediately. I don’t like that; trying to change it. I overcame that with writing to some degree, quickly typing out poems and flashes, but not with blogging, not yet.

Writing. Awaiting one last critique of the short story “Fortune’s Fool,” after which I will do a final rewrite and submit it somewhere for publication– Clarkesworld Magazine, probably. I have “flashed” (where you log in for a trigger, get 90minutes writng time, then submit what you’ve got) on the writing website I belong to for the past two weeks, and I’ve made a pretty firm commitment to do it every week. For practice, and generating new ideas. And still writing poems.

I went to a Gentle Yoga class. It didn’t feel very gentle, but I still want to hit it every week.

Still volunteering once or twice a week at the pet adoption center. Had a bit of an emotional time with it a couple months ago. Several dogs had been there for months and it was upsetting; I had a strong connection with two of them– a troubled golden mix (Gio) and a ten-month bull terrier puppy (Lena) that I begged my husband to let me adopt to no avail. Also, another dog (Timber) was slated to be euthanized for extreme resource guarding. One day, I had spent a long time with Gio, who was not all that trusting– walking, brushing and loving on him. When I went to leave, he just gave me this look, like, “What? You’re leaving me here?” and I burst into tears.

But Gio and Lena were adopted within days of one another, and as fate would have it, I was actually there at the facility both times and got to see their new people. A foster was found for Timber; he was able to make great strides with her and last I heard, he was planning to adopt her. And there are batch after batch of fantastic new pups to walk with and give love to until they find families, so that’s what I’m doing.

Today the bright pink baby leaves on my baby oak tree burst from their buds. Sweet.

Do something fun today. Take a puddle dive.




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