Reworked, Wings


“tree bird” by caroline-cameron on Polyvore



















in the fullness of time
the correlation between
satin and feathers
muscle and bone
wings and feet
bark and humus
will be
because they’ll never be

it’s a
purely feminine construct,
or only the cloudy prism
i peer through:
the tenacious restraint of rhinestone
stiff melancholia of a paper doll.
under a rococo frill,
the restless flutter of something
that must be set free.
the raptors are fledglings
that never belonged to us,
but were only in our keeping,
meant to be pushed out to fly alone
by our own hands
with our hearts secretly bleeding
in our throats.

root us down
but also help us fly
into our blue reflections
and swim in the warmish blood
of a river system
so like our own circulation,
emptying into the open sea–
and our intent
will surround us,
iridescent symmetry.




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