New Years Rulin’s

walk, cup 022

self reflection with the big boys

I’ve been contemplating some resolutions, or ‘rulin’s’, in the words of the immortal Woody Guthrie, for several days now, waiting for the right time to write them down. Most of them have to do with being a better yogi (though I haven’t put most of them into yogic language), because being a lazy yogi is one of the very few things thing I’m ashamed of, only because I feel its lack in my mind and body every day I’m not immersed in it.

Over the last year, I’ve seen what happens when you walk through a certain kind of portal into a space of higher awareness, and I don’t see why I can’t go through that portal every year, growing as I go. I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions in years and years, but writing things down somehow makes them more tangible. I promise not to be too attached to any kind of outcome from these– if I figure out that one or all are not the right things for me to be doing, I’m okay with that.

So anyway, here are some of my Rulin’s.

1. Get my ass on the yoga mat every. single. day.  It doesn’t matter if I don’t “do” anything there, it is the place for me to be for a certain amount of time every day.  Also, go back to yoga class at least once a week.

2. Be more contemplative.  Find the quiet under the hurricane more often.  Note to self:  being self-reflective does not mean being self-critical.

3. Pay attention. To the moment, to the sky, to my companions, to myself.

4.Get up and walk the dog in the morning. No waiting until lunchtime.

5. Spend as much time as I can at the shelter with the dogs and cats.

6. Continue working on setting aside Sam in order to really listen to others. Kind of goes along with number 3.

7. Work harder on giving people the benefit of the doubt. I might be wrong about their motivations, but at least I will be kind.

8. Do creative work every day, but without expectation.


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