What Shall I Do Today?


dirty crooked beardie mountain

1. realizing that i have no snow pictures, i will take my camera on my walk today. crummy winter light– i should say NO light– makes for crappy pictures on my little green point and shoot.

2. eat breakfast. oatmeal, as usual

3. write a real blog

4. put books back on shelves, stash some in the attic. not looking forward to doing this. will probably open one and start reading. since i joined an anti-cesar milan fb page, i perversely want to reread his books. i have 3 of them.

5. paint, because i want to give a few paintings for christmas presents and sitting hunched in that cold room tires me out so badly that i can only paint about 45 minutes at time. so i better get on the stick.

6. pet the dog- this one is a given, she won’t let me neglect that.

7. run the vacuum– this one would be nice because i think there’s enough animal fur on the floor to create a new pet, and indi gutted a beanie baby the other day, leaving tiny plastic pellets scattered through the stereo room.

8. walk in the freezing cold, and be dragged over slippery ice because the snow makes indi think she’s training for the iditarod

9. practice yoga because i have skipped an entire week. bad, lazy, resistant yogi!

10. chant mantra- also a given, i do it without thinking. 

11. drink more coffee- pretty much also a given

12. read one of the hundreds of books on my ‘to read’ shelf

13. open up ‘totem’, my nano novel, and take a look-see

14. take a hot bath

15. kick the soccer ball out back for indi

[these are all only options. i love having options.]


pretty girls








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