Three Unrelated and Untitled Poems


Austin Bird,

you are awkward and perfect.

One of the first things I liked about this place.

Bright, pale eyes,

you are more watchful than a pigeon

but just as unwilling to be intimidated.


you are perfectly willing to dine

at a taqueria.


i like

to name things–

east, west, magpie, juniper, Lower Falls–

and to frame things,

in layers–

foreground, mid-ground, background,

stone, vegetation, horizon, sky, cloud–

tiny connections made–

a fine web–


by naming things

and framing things.


a journey of self-discovery

sounded very fine–

but now,

I have seen the Shadow

and I was much more comfortable

when she was hid

among shadows.

I wake from dreaming

and find that I’m





just an ordinary sinner.

Scotty says

that Jung says

neurosis results from refusing to walk

the path of true pain–

and to tell the truth,

I’d rather not be neurotic


I am unwilling the approach the Shadow, this misshapen stranger,


having seen her, can I unsee her?

A Buddhist monk says

awareness is the first step of Change–

but what are the rewards of Change again?


I ponder all this,

and then walk the dog.


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