Random House, Random Thoughts


I prepared for this blog post by hauling out our deeply beloved 10-pound Random House Dictionary of the English Language, copyright 1967, and looking up the word ‘religion’.  It was my intent to reproduce the definition here, but it is too long.  You can look it up yourself if you’d like.

I looked it up to see whether I could apply the word ‘religious’ to myself.

I can, although I subscribe to no specific doctrine or faith.  I’m not in the least a scholar, but I’ve heard and read enough to be pretty certain in my mind that all major religions offer great Truth, with a capital ‘T’.   All gods are one God.  Whether  God is a separate entity or the gods are multitudinous aspects of the human consciousness is immaterial to my mind.  It is what it is.  I am that I am.

M. Scott Peck, one of my gurus, says that he became a non-denominational Christian because he thought that Christianity came the closest to describing things as they really are.  That hasn’t happened for me, finding the one way to best describe the Cosmos.  I suspect my path lies with Buddha; I suspect Buddhism has been calling me for some time.  I don’t feel ready to answer, though.

I actually came here to Puddle Dive today to talk about St. Anthony Catholic Church, the church in my neighborhood that I walk past frequently.  I see the spire and hear the bells all day, every day.

I love walking by the church.  It feels so peaceful.  I love the rectory (I love the word ‘rectory’ as well).  I love the pattern of the cool-cream rectangular stones.  Leaving politics behind, I love the little garden dedicated to Mary and all lost unborn souls.  I love seeing the steeple against the sky in all its various moods and colors.  I love the pigeons who roost there.  I love the regular march of tall windows down the sides of the buildings.

When I took the picture above, I was aggravated by not being able to frame a picture without power lines in it.  Still, getting this shot with the steeple and the pink and indigo sky behind it uplifted me a little.


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