Orange House


It’s not really an orange house; just the trim is orange. For years, I idly sketched my dream house and it was always pink.  This is close enough for me.  I love this house and yard.  Sometimes, I can feel the loving presence of those who lived here before me.  People often say this place feels like a real home and I know what they mean.


In Feng Shui-speak, if you place my Bagua (Lake) over the the bagua of my house, it is a perfect match.  That could explain why I’ve always felt perfectly at home here.  The only other place I’ve felt so much at ease in is my grandparents’ old place on Wyoming St., out of the family now, but I still go there in my dreams sometimes.


 Sunflowers love to volunteer in the back yard.


Indi likes it too, I think.



2 comments on “Orange House

  1. shawna says:

    I dream about being in Grandma’s house all the time too. I dream about that house way more than any other house, except maybe Dad’s. Isn’t that odd?

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