Preconceived Notions


That’s right. Another post about my dog. Don’t worry, Posey, one about you is coming up.

 I never wanted a border collie.

 I know about border collies because I read about dogs a lot and it seems 8 out of 10 of “dog people” have and write about border collies. They are beautiful and, I hear, super-smart dogs.

 I never wanted one.


I don’t need a dog smarter than me, and I definitely don’t need a dog with seventeen times more energy and work ethic than I have.

Indi was labeled at the shelter as a lab mix. When they brought her in to meet us, I thought there was no way this 30 lb. dog with a big pointy nose was a lab mix. But by then, I wanted her no matter what.

When her foster-mom brought her to our house, she mentioned that she thought Indi had a lot of border collie in her.

 I was already in love with this dog. I said to myself, no way is she a border collie. Some kind of terrier mix, I said (yeah, right). Maybe a doxen mix (with long legs…?)

 I continued to be in denial about Indi’s ancestry for months. I googled all kinds of exotic breeds that she could be. I concluded she was a real Heinz 57, no way to tell what breeds she had in her.

 Then I saw her drop her head and stare at a squirrel. I noticed that she herded the cats. She nipped my heels when she was excited. Except for her ears, which flop, and her tail, which curls, she’s built like a petite border collie. Sigh.

 Border collies are devilishly clever. They are high-strung. They are maniacs. They canNOT be kept in the city. These were things I believed.

 Turns out, Indi has a calm and sweet nature. She is always smiling and makes everyone who looks at her happy. She’s energetic, but it’s easily channeled into a walk or trick session or even just some love. She eats all her meals from a Kong or the Tricky Treat Ball, which require her to move around. She is a powerful chewer and her Nylabones look like they’ve belonged for years to a hundred lb mastiff within an hour, but they also keep her busy. She plows through “puzzles” I make her in minutes, but she still likes them.

She’s smart, but turns out I like that; she picks up tricks and behaviors quickly and is attuned to my body language. She follows me everywhere.

 You get the dog you need.


 I still think you should do your homework on dog breeds before you get a dog, or actually, prepare realistically for any kind of venture. But don’t get locked into any ideas because there will always be an Indi to upset them.


3 comments on “Preconceived Notions

  1. brenda says:

    I feel like I won the lottery b/c i’d bookmarked your first post and kept checking and that’s all that was there and somehow tonight I found all the ones you’ve written — my lucky day — i thought well she was off to such a great start why did she stop and yay you didn’t — great posts — great dogs. 🙂

  2. I love your writing, you can reduce me to tears, and escalate me to screaming laughter. Please don’t stop.

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