Good Morning, Peewee


Peewee is an ESFP.  He is extraverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving.  If you come in the house, you must pet him.  He will probably try to climb in your mouth, purring.  Five years ago, my friend’s little boy found him in their garage, abandoned by his mama.  He was yelling his head off, probably starving.  He is firmly convinced that he’s still starving.  This picture was taken a year or two ago, when he was a bit, er, slimmer.  His baby-name was Squealer and current aliases include The Nuggler and Fuzzy Land Manatee.




4 comments on “Good Morning, Peewee

  1. Sheree says:

    Some kitties just need extra lovins. I’d have to pick him up and carry him around with me!

  2. Wow was that five years ago?? He is beautiful!

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